Volunteers are individuals who give their time, talents, and skills, without monetary benefit to the organization for its better functioning.

Why Volunteer :

Volunteering helps not only those whom we serve but is also a very enriching experience to the volunteer himself. It is such a rewarding experience for all of the adult volunteers knowing they're providing these kids something they may not be able to get on their own. "You can tell you're making a difference just by the hugs and smiles you get when you meet them."

Guidelines :

Volunteer opportunities are available in many different areas including; administrative, development, event coordination, and management. We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help the Foundation continue its mission of reaching the target population.

The following are just a few of the areas we need volunteering assistance:

1. Office Administration
2. Fund Raising
3. Programs
4. Public relations/ Social awareness
5. Management
Office Administration:
  • Accounts
  • Anything from Home
  • Anything via e-mai
  • Computerizing database
  • Data entry/typing
  • Evaluation
  • Filing and office work
  • Handling calls
  • Internet search
  • Responding to letters
  • Software development
  • Writing content
  • Administration help in the CST office on week-days
  • etter drafting and responding to mails
Fund Raising:
  • Monetary help
  • Tele-calling donors
  • Counseling
  • Education to children
  • Field work
  • Health care
  • Personality development
  • Providing food
  • Playing with children
  • Relief work
  • Service for the upliftment of children
  • Sharing time together with children
  • Street management
  • Teaching drawing and painting
  • Teaching
  • Art and craft teaching
  • Teaching Computers
  • Theatre Groups
  • TrainingCare for the destitute
  • Care for the destitute
  • Contacting schools
  • Giving training for sports
  • Vocational guidance
  • Conducting survey and research
Public relations/ Social awareness:
  • Creating awareness
  • Developing marketing material
  • PublicityEvent management
  • Event management
  • Meeting people
  • Marketing of events
  • Media
  • Networking
  • Spreading awareness
  • Web development
  • Financial Planning
  • Designing and managing plans
  • Help advising
  • Investment advise
  • Legal advise
  • Managing volunteers
Volounteer Form