Child Sewa Trust (CST), is a not for profit, non-government, voluntary organization committed to the care & development of the underprivileged children.

The organization was founded by Mr. Sandeep Kumar Malviya, it works in Delhi & NCR (INDIA) for the betterment of the downtrodden and destitute children.

CST activities are financed through donations & gifts by philanthropists & individuals like you, corporate houses and sponsorship of projects & children.

CST is a registratered Trust that subject to the term & conditions contained in thethis trust deed is covered by the indian trust Act. 1982.

Registration No. : 58
Dated : 08th Jan 2021.
Pan Card : AACTC8249B
Address: Khasra No. 337-F, Gali No. 08 Ram Park Extn., LoniDehat, Ghaziyabad, U.P.-201102(India)

How CST Started

Every day while traveling to our offices, schools, colleges, homes, we come across children of different ages on Traffic-signals, asking for help, food or money. We find them selling newspapers, magazines, flowers etc. from early morning to late at night.

We are curious about them and do want to help, but we hesitate, thinking that our act of giving them some cash, will make them permanently dependent on begging.

Initially we distributed packets of biscuits amongst these deprived children. Then, as they opened up to us, we learnt about their desire to study. All they needed was an opportunity, some counseling in the right direction and of course, assistance.

CST was established to channelize these good intentions of the concerned people into a constructive & supporting way to make a substantial contribution in changing the lives of these street children.


CST is dedicated to create a society where all the children have equal opportunities, a conducive environment to grow up with love, respect & security to become self-reliant, and active participating and contributing members to their community, society & country as a whole.


CST actively works for and supports the socio-economic change among the underprivileged children & needy families to improve their quality of life.

It provides for their basic needs - imparts quality education, integrated personality & skill development programs and vocational training to make them self- reliant and respectable members of society.


Our main executing team consists of 45 committed, professional and experienced staff members who are working ceaselessly towards making our mission and objectives at CST a reality.

Apart from the governing body and Executive Members, our organization consists of a team 10 Active Members actively involved in the activities of CST.

We have an ever-expanding team of more than 15 Supporting Members whose financial support helps us in the smooth running of the activities of CST. Etc…


Actions, Decisions and Relationships of CST are guided by:

  • Love & Affection for Children
  • Sewa-Bhav
  • Long term commitment
  • Relationship of trust
  • Respect for every individual
  • Belief in Karma
  • Philosophy Partnership and Teamwork
  • Time bound results
  • Integrity and Accountability
  • Low administrative costs
  • Continuous learning